First World Feminism
What's the point of this website?

A fair question. Two quick answers:

1. Those of us lucky enough to live in the most progressive parts of the world tend to focus on how good we have it, and yet we still haven’t achieved true gender equality.

2. I’m over trying to pitch women’s magazines. If the story isn’t about slimmer thighs for summer, they’re just not interested.

This stuff is important, I’ll try not to make it too dry.

What Naked Women Actually Look Like


Matt Blum’s photo project,, is a series of naked women from around the world posing in their homes. A friend of mine brought this project to my attention with the subject line, “almost” because, while it is refreshing to see so many real looking women, the majority of these women are young, able-bodied and white.  

I emailed Blum to ask him why the project wasn’t more inclusive and he said that the project is all volunteer and these just happen to be the women who are volunteering. I told him I would try to help him diversify the project, which he said he would love, so please share this with your communities and get the world out. 

The sign-up form is here


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