First World Feminism
What's the point of this website?

A fair question. Two quick answers:

1. Those of us lucky enough to live in the most progressive parts of the world tend to focus on how good we have it, and yet we still haven’t achieved true gender equality.

2. I’m over trying to pitch women’s magazines. If the story isn’t about slimmer thighs for summer, they’re just not interested.

This stuff is important, I’ll try not to make it too dry.

Happy 39th Birthday Roe Vs. Wade

It’s Blog for Choice Day 2012.

Reproductive rights are some of the most important rights American women have but the war on women has shown us that they are not guaranteed.

If you haven’t been keeping up, here is a list of ten ways in which Republicans are attacking women. 

And here is a simple chart explaining why the right to have an abortion is still so important. Short version: Women will get abortions whether or not abortion is legal. But illegal, unsafe abortions will kill them. (We know this to be true from all the years that abortion wasn’t legal and safe.) 

Caring about life means caring about women’s lives.

Relatedly, I really wish that any American who identified her/himself as “pro-life” would prove it by adopting a starving child. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, one in eight children dies before the age of five due to malnourishment. Imagine how much of an effect pro-lifers could have on human life worldwide if they spent their money feeding impoverished children instead of attacking American women. 

Sign the petitions, elect pro-choice candidates, stay informed. Keep abortion safe and legal.  


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